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‘Ello, I’m Ashley, but most everyone calls me Ash and I’m twenty!
I apologize for my hipster tendencies. I'm wildly in love with a boy who means everything to me. I'm a massive Kentucky Wildcats basketball and Baltimore Ravens fan.
I have such an obsession with anything that involves Walt Disney. Music is my saving grace. I'm a Breaking Bad and Lost addict, proudly so.
Ed Sheeran is my spirit animal. The Fray will always be that band for me, no matter what.
I usually have my nose stuck in a book or one of my notebooks.I want to climb mountains, zip-line in the rainforest, bungee jump in New Zealand,
come face to face with a lion in Africa, be kissed on the Eiffel Tower and tour Buckingham Palace. I love to travel and am eager to fill up my passport.
I'm awfully quiet but love having conversations that make me think. I love coffee. I have scars that have shaped who I am and continue to teach me about myself.
I love new adventures, new things and new places. I can't wait to be able to finally fulfill my dreams, to be who and what I want in life. I'm not certain of who I am at the moment, so bare with me.
I'm a dreamer, a writer, a college student who wants to live as large as possible.
I'm going to fly like Wendy.